AdHitProfits Review

AdHitProfits Review

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Welcome to “The Most Comprehensive Review Of AdHitProfits on the ‘Net’”

No fluff, no filler – Just what you want and NEED to know before joining.

Note: This is a review, Click Here to Visit the AdHitProfits Website.

First of all, What Exactly is AdHitProfits?

I’ll start off by telling you what it is not. AdHitProfits is NOT an MLM, HYIP, Matrix, Autosurf, Investment or Ponzi. AdHitProfits is an online advertising business that shares 100% of it’s revenue with members. It was created by Charles Scoville and launched on April 8, 2013.

Mr. Scoville has many years experience in developing successful online advertising businesses, particularly in the area of pay-to-click ads. With AdHitProfits, he has developed a business model never before seen on the internet. He has created a revenue-sharing business that is combined with online advertising…which, in a short period of time, has proven to be the ultimate formula for success!


  • Make MONEY FAST so they will tell others. (DONE)
  • Pay out 100% of the profit from the site and “ADMIN PROFITS” (DONE)
  • Make it completely legal so it can last for years. (DONE)
  • List YOUR product/service so you can make even more money. (DONE)
  • Get Proven Buyers to YOUR Website (DONE)


  • Pay members from the profits NOT from other members join fees! (Legal)
  • Pay members ALL the profit from the site NOT just what they make. (Smart)
  • Pay ALL the members NOT just pay a few members Millions. (Fair)

The profits are split 100% between ALL members every 30 minutes. It may sound silly, but I am “addicted” to checking my account every half hour, and I know others have said the same.

Also, NO sponsoring is required. However, AdHitProfits does pay a 10% commission on every referral purchase!

Click Here to Visit the AdHitProfits Website.

Here is an AdHitProfits Review of How it Works:

  • Purchase your directory listing for $45 and receive top listing and 1,000 visitors to your website.
  • You Earn $56.25 that’s 125% on each ad purchase or re-purchase.
  • All ad purchase profits are split with all members – Every 30 Minutes!
  • Re-Purchases or additional share purchases BUMP your listing to the top of the directory.
  • Each re-purchase also provides additional 1000 visitors.
  • A directory page provide members to list your opportunity and banner ad.
  • Click 10 ads per day to qualify for earnings.
  • 10% Referral commission.
  • Pay It Forward feature
  • Payza, STP & Ezybonds accepted.

AdHitProfits Revenue Streams:

  • Directory Listings & Website Traffic (Included In Your $45 Purchase)
  • Forum Advertising Services (Sold Separately)
  • 728×90 LeaderBoard Ads (Sold Separately)
  • 125×125 Banner Ads (Sold Separately)
  • 468×60 Banner Ads (Sold Separately)
  • Vacation Mode (Sold Separately)
  • Share Auto-Repurchase (Sold Separately)
  • EzyBonds Shared Transaction Fees (Sold Separately)
  • Additional revenue streams currently in development, such as Pay-To-Click Ads.

The AdHitProfits Review concludes that AdHitProfits possesses all the key factors needed for a long-term, sustainable income opportunity

a. An experienced Owner/Admin who makes himself available to the members via social media and weekly update webinars.

b. A business model formula that is revolutionary.

c. !00% of ALL profits are split between ALL members.

d. No sponsoring required.

e. LIVE earnings every 30 minutes!

f. Many satistified members. See testimonials.

Ready to Join? Click Here.


*Watch Charles Scoville Answer the Tough Questions


Make Money with Charles Scoville, Owner of AdHitProfits

An AdHitProfits Review would not be complete without providing information about the owner/administrator of AdHitProfits, Charles Scoville.

Charles grew up in Colorado and now resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. He attended college for awhile, then went into the Customer Service industry for ten years. He has stated that he          really enjoyed building rapport and relationships with his customers and providing them with the best service possible. charles_son

Charles is a single father of one, and his desire to spend more time at home with son, led him to explore different options for working at home in the internet marketing industry.

After several years of working for some MLM and other internet companies, he decided to create his own online businesses, which include a few of the popular and successful pay to click websites. He has since obtained respect and admiration from the internet marketing community and a reputation for his honesty, integrity and availability.

In recent years, the revenue-sharing business model has become more and more prevalent in the online business world. However, many companies using this model have not experienced much success or longevity. This motivated Charles to explore the revenue-sharing model and find a formula that would actually be successful in making money online for everyone involved.

In early April, 2013, Charles launched AdHitProfits, a revenue-sharing advertising business that seems to have finally found the right formula for success. Check out the many happy members on the Testimonials page. The combination of an advertising business with the right blueprint for sharing profits with members, created a winning situation for financial freedom.

Click Here to visit the AdHitProfits website.

Welcome to AdHitProfits Review Blog

Thank you for visiting my AdHitProfits Review Blog, where you will find a comprehensive review of the revenue-sharing advertising business that’s sweeping the internet, called AdHitProfits.

In just two short months since it’s inception in early April 2013, AdHitProfits has achieved enormous growth in both popularity and appreciation, in the online network marketing community. The momentum continues to rise daily, as evidenced by their Alexa Traffic Ranking.

AHP_BonanzaSo with all of the “buzz” surrounding this new advertising business, I decided to dedicate my AdHitProfits Review Blog to providing you with complete and up-to-date information as well as my fair and honest review of AdHitsProfit. 

The front page of the AdHitProfits website says: 

“AdHitProfits where YOU Split all Profits with ALL other members! 100% PAID UP TO MEMBERS! We were sick of getting burned so we PAY EVERYBODY! AdHitProfits, Where Making Money is Fun and Easy!”

So read over my AdHitProfits Review Blog to find out what all the “buzz” is about and see how this new business model works.

Click Here to visit the AdHitProfits website.


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